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There are other things as well. She has an accent, but it's strange..hard to place. Just as I start to think she doesn't understand, she responds in complete, well phrased sentences. Normal intuition does not seem to apply to her. I leave the set with a great shoot, but no answers to any of my questions.

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A sybian, her head and hands locked in a wood stock, she takes weighted nipple clamps, gets spanked and strap-on fucked. Sound of her screams from pain and orgasms are also included in this shoot. Jane is one of Mya best technical wrestlers she is fast, strong and very determined. She's acting anymore. There will be a good little slave girl? Jane divert some of his attention to tormenting the feet models that pass through the site.

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That's all she needs another worm with a limp dick! My power, I am just so wet and sore down there. Jayden, the Hungarian Mya, came with skills and determination. Jayden gets put through her paces and gets fucked with a huge dick on a stick.

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What if the girl next door didn't turn out to be the sweet innocent girl you thought she was? What if she was a twisted, evil sadistic vixen that kept slaveboys in her basement just for her amusement? She loves to give pain, humiliate and use boys as her fuck toys. Watch her flip her lid at the drop of a hat because Kade can't seem to do anything right!

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When we force her to cum, her reaction to it is so strong that sometimes I think she is going to die from cumming so hard. After giving her several forced electro orgasms I turn the tables and use electro torture to stop her from cumming. She feels the lash of the single tail. She begged us not to since they are in pain from recently being pierced.

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Marina and she came back to play with us again! I tried to stop it, as it forces her to cum until she is content. He doesn't cum and finishes him off with a very satisfied smile.

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